Before Applying job posting in any websites or recruiting agencies or sending resumes to job recruiters or any other employment website you need to improve your skills on general knowledge, Aptitude, Puzzles, logical reasoning, general english, database, programming as per your job profile. Job recruiters or mostly preferring job candidates who are having more stuff in those categories mentioned above. So improving more skills on your job profile always boost up your career and your performance. Even hiring companies and job recruiters who are looking for many job posting websites actually they are looking and filtering on these activities. In these php section you need to update more questions to perform well in front of job recruiters and companies. php Interview questions are most important to score in interview, Update all questions to score well in all rounds in job interview.

Php interview questions and answers

Differences between constants and variables ?
  • Constants do not have a dollar sign ($) before them.
  • Constant may have only be defined using the define() function, not by simple assignment.
  • Constants may be defined and accessed anywhere without regard to variable scoping rules.
  • Constants may not be redifined or undefined once they have been set.
  • Constants may only evaluate to scalar values.
Define Arithmetic Operators ?

Arithmetic operators are operating a value using the operator addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and modulus.

Define Assignment Operators ?

The basic assignment operator is "=". It really means that the left operand gets set to the value of the expression on the rights(that is, "get set to")

Define Comparison Operators ?

Comparison operators, as their name implies, allow you to compare two values. The compared variable is equal they return TRUE otherwise FALSE.

Define Bitwise Operators ?

Bitwise operators allow you to turn specific bits within an integer on or off. If both the left and right hand parameters are strings, the bitwise operator will operate on the characters in this string.