Before Applying job posting in any websites or recruiting agencies or sending resumes to job recruiters or any other employment website you need to improve your skills on general knowledge, Aptitude, Puzzles, logical reasoning, general english, database, programming as per your job profile. Job recruiters or mostly preferring job candidates who are having more stuff in those categories mentioned above. So improving more skills on your job profile always boost up your career and your performance. Even hiring companies and job recruiters who are looking for many job posting websites actually they are looking and filtering on these activities. In these php section you need to update more questions to perform well in front of job recruiters and companies. php Interview questions are most important to score in interview, Update all questions to score well in all rounds in job interview.

Php interview questions and answers

What is RESOURCE ?

A resource is a special variable, holding a reference to an external resource. Resources are created and used by special functions Freezing resources. Due to the reference-counting system introduced with PHP4's Zend-engine, it is automatically detected when a resource is no longer referred to (just like java).

What is NULL ?

The special NULL value represents that a variable has no value. Null is the only possible value of type NULL. A variable is considered to be NULL if, It has been assigned the constant NULL, It has not been set to any value yet, It has been unset()

What is variable ?

Variables are used for storing a value, like text strings, numbers or arrays Unlike constants, variables are obviously meant to be variable - they are meant to change or be changed at some point in your program.

Why php is a loosely typed language ?

In PHP a variable does not need to be declared before being set. PHP automatically converts the variable to the correct data type, depending on how they are set. In a strongly typed programming language, you have to declare (define) the type and name of the variable before using it. In PHP the variable is declared automatically when you use it. Hence php is a loosely typed language.

What is constants ?

A constant is a placeholder for a value that you reference within your code. Constants are typically named with capital letters ( so you can easily find them within your code), and the values are usually formally defined before using them.