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JAVA / J2EE interview questions and answers

Explain in short Collaboration diagram in UML?

A collaboration diagram groups together the interactions between different objects to fulfill a common purpose.

Explain in short Activity diagram in UML?

Activity diagram is typically used for business process modeling, for modeling the logic captured by a single use case, or for visualizing the detailed logic of a business rule. Complicated process flows in the system are captured in the activity diagram. Similar to a state diagram, an activity diagram also consists of activities, actions, transitions, initial and final states, and guard conditions. But difference is state diagrams are in context of simulation while activity gives detail view of business logic.

Explain in short Deployment diagram in UML?

Deployment diagrams show the hardware for your system, the software that is installed on that hardware, and the middleware used to connect the disparate machines to one another. It shows how the hardware and software work together to run a system. In one line its shows the deployment view of the system.

Explain in short Component diagram in UML?

The component diagram represents the high-level parts that make up the system. From .NET angle point of view they form the “NAMESPACES”. From Java point of view thet form “PACKAGES”. This diagram depicts, at a high level, what components form part of the system and how they are interrelated. Its shows the logical grouping of classes or group of other components.

What is Modeling?

As the name suggest UNIFIED MODELING LANGUAGE. Modeling has been around for years, not only in software field but also in other trades like civil, mechanical etc. Example in civil engineering drawing the main architecture built of diagram is a model by itself. Modelling makes complex and huge system to break up in to simple and discreate pieces that can be individually understood. Example simple flowchart drawing is modeling.