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Asp.Net interview questions and answers

What is an application object?

Application object is used when we want data to be shared across users globally in an ASP .NET application.

What is the use of cache object?

It also does the same thing as the application object i.e. sharing and caching global data across ASP .NET pages in a web application.

What is the difference between Cache object and application object?

The main difference between the Cache and Application objects is that the Cache object provides features, such as dependencies and expiration policies.

How can get access to cache object?

The Cache object is defined in the ‘System.Web.Caching’ namespace. You can get a reference to the Cache object by using the Cache property of the HttpContext class in the ‘System. Web ‘ namespace or by using the Cache property of the Page object.

What is Cache Callback in Cache?

Cache object is dependent on its dependencies example file based , time based etc.. Cache items remove the object when Cache de3pendencies change .ASP .NET provides capability to execute a callback method when thatitem is removed from cache.