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Asp.Net interview questions and answers

How can you enable automatic paging in Data Grid?

Following are the points to be done in order to enable paging in Data grid:

  • Set the “ Allow Paging” to true.
  • In Page Index Changed event set the current page index clicked.
What is the use of “GLOBAL.ASAX” file?

It allows to execute ASP .NET application level events and setting application – level variables.

What is the difference between “Wsb.config” and “Machine.Config”?

“web.config” files apply settings to each web application, while “Machine.config” file apply settings to all ASP.NET applications

What is a SESSION and APPLICATION object?

Session object store information Between HTTP requests for a particular user, while application object are global across users.

How do I sign out in forms authentication?

FromsAuthentication . Signout ()