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Asp.Net interview questions and answers

IF client side validation is enabled, will server side code still run?

When client side validation is enabled server emit’s JavaScript code for the custom validators. However, note that does not mean that server side checks on custom validators do not execute. It does this redundant check two times, as some of the validators do not support client side scripting.

Which JavaScript file is referenced for validating the validators at the client side?

WebUIValidation.js JavaScript file installed at “aspnet-client” root IIS directory is used to validate the validation controls at the client side

How to disable client side script in validators?

Set ‘EnableClientScript’ to false.

How can I show the entire validation error message in a message box on the client side?

In validation summary set “ShowMessageBox” to true.

Can you explain “AutoPostback”?

If we want the control to automatically post back in case of any event, we will need to check this attribute as true. For example on a Combo Box change if we need to send the event immediately to the server side then we need to mark “AutoPostBack” attribute to true.