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Asp.Net interview questions and answers

What is impersonation in ASP .NET?

By default, ASP .NET executes in the security context of a restricted user account on the local machine . Sometimes you need to access network resources such as a file on a shared drive, which requires additional permissions. One war to overcome this restriction is to use impersonation. With impersonation , ASP .NET can execute the request using the identity of the client who is making the request, or ASP .NET can impersonate a specific account you can apecify the account in web.config.

How do we implement windows authentication?
  • Create users in your local windows user group.
  • In web.config file set the authentication mode to windows.
  • In web.config file set <deny users=”?”>.

Once you do the above three steps your pages will authenticated and authorized from the users stored in windows local user group.

What is the difference between data grid and gird view?

Grid view is a successor of data grid with following benefits.

  • Grid view has automatic paging as compared to data gird where you need to write some code for paging.
  • Additional column types and rich design time capabilities.

Can we post and access view state in another ASP.NET page?

You cannot access view state in other pages directly. You can use the previous page property of post back if you want to access.

What is SQL Cache Dependency in ASP .NET 2.0?

SQL Cache dependency helps to cache tebles in ASP.NET application in memory. So rather than making SQL server trips we can fetch the data from the cached object from ASP.NET.