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Asp.Net interview questions and answers

How do we ensure viewstate is not tampered?

View state is a simple HTML hidden field. So it’s possible very much possible that some one can tamper this hidden field easily. To ensure that viewstate is not tempered we can set the “EnableViewStateMAC” attribute to true. This atturibute is found in the “page” directive in ASPX page. Below is a simple code snippet which shows how to use the same.
<%@ Page Enable ViewSteteMac= “true” %>

What are the other ways you can maintain state?

Other than seccion variables, you can use the following technique to store state :

  • Hidden fields
  • View state
  • Hidden frames
  • Cookies
  • Query strings

Does the performance for viewstate vary according to user controls?

Performance of viewstate varies depending on the type of server control to which it is applied. Label, TextBox, Checkbox, RadioButton, and Hyperlink are server controls that perform well with ViewState. DropDownList. Listbox, Datagrid, and DataList suffer from poor performance because of their size and the large amounts of data making roundtrips to the server.

Which namespace is needed to implement debug and trace?

Debug and trace class belongs to ‘System.Diagnostic’ namespace.

What is the difference between Authentication and authorization?

This can be a tricky question. These two concepts seem altogether similar but there is wide range of difference. Authentication is verifying the identity of a user and authorization is process where we check does this identity have access rights to the system . Authorization is the process of allowing an authenticated user access to resources.