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ADO.Net interview questions and answers

I want to force the connection object to close after my data reader is closed?

PobjDataReader = pobjCommand. Execute Reader (CommandBehaviour.ScbemaOnly)

What is the use of Command Builder?

Command Builder builds “Parameter” objects automatically. Below is a simple code, which uses command builder to load its parameter objects.

Dim pobjCommandBuilder As New Ole DbCommandBuilder (pobjDataAdapter)
PobjCommandBuilder . Derive Parameters (pobjCommand)

Be careful while using “Derive Parameters” method as it needs an extra trip to the Data store , which can be very inefficient

How can we add relation bet ween tables in a Dataset?

DimobjRelation As DataRelation
objRelation = New
DataRelation (“ CustmerAddresses” , objDataset . Tables (“Customer”) . Columns (“Custid”)
, objDataSet . Tables (“Addresses”) . Columns (“Custid- fk”))
objDataSet . Relations . Add (objRelation)

Relations can be added between “Data Table” objects using the “Data Relation” object. Above sample, code is trying to build a relationship between “Customer”and “Addresses” “Data table” using “Customer Addresses” “Data Relation” object.