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ADO.Net interview questions and answers

How can we save all data from database ?

Dataset has “AcceptChanges” method, which commits all the changes since last time “Acceptchaanges” has been excuted.

What is Maximum Pool Size in ADO. NET Connection String?

Maximum pool size decides the maximum number of connection objects to be pooled. Ifthe maximum pool size is reached and there is no usable connection available the requestis queued until connections are released back in to pool. So it’s always a good habit tocall the close or dispose method of the connection as soon as you have finishedwork with the connection object.

How to enable and disable connection pooling?

For .NET it is enabled by default but if you want to just make yourself doubled sure, set Pooling = true in the connection string. To disable connection pooling set Pooling =false in connectionstring if it is an ADO .NET Connection. If it is an OLEDBConnection object set OLEDB Services = -4 in the connection string

What are the major differences between classic ADO and ADO . NET ?

Following are some major differences between both

  • In ADO we have recordset and in ADO.NET we have dataset
  • In recordset we can only have one table . If we want to accommodate more than one tables we need to do inner join and fill the recordset. Dataset can have multiple tables.
  • All data persist in XML as compared to classic ADO where data persisted in Binary formet also.

What is difference between Dataset. Clone and Dataset.Copy?

Clone : It only copies structure, does not copy data.
Copy : Copies both structure and data.