Before Applying job posting in any websites or recruiting agencies or sending resumes to job recruiters or any other employment website you need to improve your skills on general knowledge, Aptitude, Puzzles, logical reasoning, general english, database, programming as per your job profile. Job recruiters or mostly preferring job candidates who are having more stuff in those categories mentioned above. So improving more skills on your job profile always boost up your career and your performance. Even hiring companies and job recruiters who are looking for many job posting websites actually they are looking and filtering on these activities. In these biology section you need to update more questions to perform well in front of job recruiters and companies. biology Interview questions are most important to score in interview, Update all questions to score well in all rounds in job interview.

Biology interview questions and answers

The richest source of Vitamin A are
  • Green peas and beans
  • Pepper and potato
  • Tomato and onion
  • Pumpkin and carrots
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  • d) Pumpkin and carrots
Which of the vitamins is essential for the red blood cell formation?
  • Thiamine
  • Folic acid
  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
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  • b) Folic acid
Which among the following is the richest source of ascorbic acid?
  • Apple
  • Carrot
  • Bean
  • Guava
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  • d) Guava
Which of the following vector spreads the ksala-axar in human beings ?
  • Mosquito
  • Sand fly
  • House fly
  • Ticks
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  • b) Sand fly
Mosquito can be a vector for following diseases except
  • Yellow fever
  • Dengue fever
  • Filaria
  • Kala-azar
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  • d) Kala-azar