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Agriculture interview questions and answers

State land reforms is under which part of the constitution?
  • 7th Schedule
  • 8th Schedule
  • 9th Schedule
  • 10th Schedule
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  • c) 9th Schedule
The agency charged with the responsibility of buffer stocking is
  • Food corporation of India
  • Commission for Agricultural costs and Prices
  • National cooperative union of India
  • Central warehousing corporation of India
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  • a) Food corporation of India
Crop insurance is the monopoly of
  • National insurance company
  • General Insurance company
  • Life insurance corporation
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  • b) General Insurance company
The ‘Greening of the East’ refer to
  • Fodder cultivation in Eastern India
  • Agricultural development in East European Countries
  • Intensive forestry development of Andaman and Nicobar Island
  • Spread of Green Revolution to non- traditional areas of Eastern India
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  • d) Spread of Green Revolution to non- traditional areas of Eastern India
National Agriculture Policy, 2000 emphasises _______ as a measure of land reforms.
  • Tenancy reforms
  • Cooperative farming
  • Distribution of surplus land
  • Consolidation of holdings
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  • d) Consolidation of holdings